Best Search Strategies is a series hosted by Jamie Smith and Brian Lewis, pharm the CEO and VP of Marketing respectively of Engine Ready. They discuss state of the art search strategies and tools with the ultimate goal to help search marketeres increase conversion and lower ad costs.


Engine Ready Inc. was founded in 1998 as a Search Engine Optimization firm. Engine Ready has helped thousands of e-commerce businesses succeed on the Internet by providing software solutions for strategic web promotion. Engine Ready harnessed its knowledge and expertise to develop a leading Web Analytic application called Conversion Analyst.

Providing monthly shows featured on webmasterradio.fm titled, pill “Best Search Strategies”, unhealthy CEO of Engine Ready, Jamie Smith and VP of Marketing, Brian Lewis will be discussing unique search strategies along with landing page, competitive intelligence, geotargeting, search engine optimization tips and much more! If you miss the live show recorded archives are available on the site and will be posted here to share.


To deliver increased market share and profitability for each client by giving them a competitive edge through proprietary search marketing strategies, analytics and technology innovation.